Error 6651

  • Short Text: Educational Environment Setting is expected to be Parentally-Placed in Private School, T.

  • Long Text: Student was submitted with age between 6 and 21 and as Parentally-Placed Private; Educational Environment Setting must be 'Parentally-Placed in Private School', T.

  • Business Rule Impact:

    • Calculation-- Student age is between 6-21 (use DOB and Begin Date on SSEPA) AND PPP = T Ed Environment is anything other than 'T' (Note - if Ed Env is NULL, do not throw this error)

  • How to Fix:

    • Verify that the student is between the ages of 6-21 by checking a legal document, such as a birth certificate, or by contacting a reliable resource who can attest to the student’s age. Then check to see if the student is indeed parentally-placed in a private school. If the student is in the correct Educational Environment age bracket (6-21) and Parentally-Placed Private (PPP), mark a value of ‘T’ for the student’s Educational Environment setting to denote as PPP.

  • Example: District Deb notices Shana’s record is throwing an error that her Educational Environment setting was supposed to be Parentally-Placed Private. Deb checks out the situation and discovers that Shana is an eight-year-old student whose parents placed her in a private school for her primary education, though Shana receives her IEP services through Pine Public school. Deb updates Shana’s record to reflect Shana’s PPP status by putting a value of ‘Parentally-Placed Private, T’ in the Educational Environment field.

Number: KBA-01099-H1N8Q5
Key Words: code 6651, educational environment setting, Parentally placed private, age 6-21, PPP
Modified: 09/13/2017

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