Error 6493

  • Short Text: The resource, 'studentAcademicRecord', is submitted with no associated data type, Diploma.


  • Long Text: A student identified as a High School Completer, resource 'studentSchoolAssociation', must have a credential. Credential is submitted in the data type, Diploma, within the resource, 'studentAcademicRecord'.


  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Throw if Exit Type = HSC (StudentSchoolAssociation endpoint) and Diploma = MISSING (StudentAcademicRecord endpoint) 

    • Logic--This rule should run for Choice and public. This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.


  • How to Fix: Verify whether or not the student in question completed high school. If so, determine what kind of credential type the student obtained upon completion, likely a diploma. Enter the code for that credential in the Credential Type field. If the student did not complete high school, modify the current High School Completion Exit Type to a more suitable one.


  • Example: Maleah’s record is throwing an error that no Diploma data type was submitted with her Exit Type of High School Completion. District Deb discovers that Maleah graduated this spring term and should maintain the HSC Exit Type value but needs a coordinating academic record data type. Deb then enters a Credential Type of R for regular diploma to resolve the error.


  • For more information, see the Credential Type data element page at:

  • For more info on exit types, see the Exit Type data element page at:

Number: KBA-01167-T0H1D5
Key Words: code 6493, High school Completion, diploma, credential type, exit type, Choice
Modified: 10/27/2020