Error 6482

  • Short Text: Exit Type 'Expected Transfer' should be used.


  • Long Text: 'Transfer to another school covered by WISEdata; known to be continuing' was submitted, but no subsequent school has recorded enrollment of this student in the WISEdata. Expected Transfer should be submitted as exit type and expected transfer agency should be submitted.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.


  • How to Fix: First verify whether or not the student transferred and, if so, if the school created a new enrollment record yet. Likely they didn't, which is why you'd see this error. Check if the new school at least provided proof of the transfer. If there is proof of transfer that the student is continuing, then you can use the ‘expected transfer’ exit type. You will also need to enter the school to which the student transferred. If the student didn’t transfer or no proof has been provided for the transfer, then remove the incorrect exit type and enter an appropriate one to denote the student transferred without proof of continuing.


  • Example: District Deb sees an error on Rob’s record that he has an incorrect exit type for a transfer. Deb first looks into whether or not Rob actually transferred out of the school and if so, when and to where. She finds that he exited May 8, but no enrollments, records requests, or proof of transfer has come in from a subsequent school. Without proof or a new enrollment by another WI school using WISEdata, Deb knows she can’t use the current ‘Transfer…’ exit type. She removes the incorrect value and enters an exit type of ‘Expected Transfer’ with the expected transfer school.


Number: KBA-01202-Z2S8H9
Key Words: code 6482, expected transfer, transfer to another school, not known to be continuing
Modified: 10/27/2020