Error 6600

  • Short Text: Invalid Educational Environment Setting, 'T', for public school student.

  • Long Text: Invalid Educational Environment Setting, 'T', for public school student. Educational Environment Setting 'Parentally-Placed Private', T, is valid only for students identified as Parentally-Placed Private. Either Educational Environment Setting must be modified or Parentally-Placed Private must be changed to 'Y', Yes.

  • Business Rule

    CalculationWhen wiDPIParentPlacedPrivate field is 'N' or NULL AND specialEducationSettingDescriptor is 'T'

  • How to Fix:

    • Check to see if the student in question is attending a public school or a private school as Parentally-Placed Private (PPP). If the student is PPP, then maintain the ‘T’ value for the Educational Environment and modify the Parentally-Placed Private value to ‘Y’ to state the student is indeed PPP. If the student is not PPP and attends a public school, remove the ‘T’ value from the Educational Environment field and replace it with the appropriate value, such as ‘A’ or ‘B’. To see the list of Educational Environment values, review the options in the link below.

    • For more information on Educational Environments, view the Educational Environment data element page at

    • Also note, PPP students may also include children whose parents choose to home school them but who still receive special education and related services at public expense.

  • Example: Andrew’s record shows an error that he has an incorrect ‘T’ value for his Educational Environment, so District Deb looks into the matter. She discovers Andrew, a nine-year-old, attends Apple Jack Public School with non-disabled peers 50 percent of the time and is not Parentally-Placed Private (PPP). Deb verifies that Andrew’s PPP field is still marked as No, and then she replaces the ‘T’ value with a ‘B’ for Andrew’s Educational Environment Setting to clear the error.

Number: KBA-01100-R5P7Z7
Key Words: code 6600, invalid educational environment, T, PPP, public school student
Modified: 04/12/2018

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