Error 6595

  • Short Text: Invalid IDEA eligibility for student under age 3. 

  • Long Text: Invalid IDEA eligibility for student under age 3. Student to Special Education program association must be revised or removed. The student must be currently enrolled, receiving services, and between the age of 3 and 21 to have an eligible disability. The student must be 3 on or before the IEP or ISP begin date. 

  • Business Rule Impact
    • Logic-- Count date and year end reference are informational only.  Do not implement tie to count date or inclusion in this rule.

    • Calculation-- Age of student on iepBeginDate < 3 AND  IDEA eligible = Yes

    • This error will result in data not being included for Oct 1 Child Count reporting. This validation is functioning as intended (Currently not listed on the bug issues list) and should be resolved prior to snapshot.

  • How to Fix
  • Though it's possible you have entered someone as IDEA eligible when far outside the age range, it is more likely that you have started an IEP for a child who is approaching age three. As long as it is started close to the child's third birthday, it should be fine, despite WISEdata not handling it appropriately at this time. This is a known issue, and we will work on a fix.  
  • Please use the actual IEP begin date even though the student was under three on that date.  If the student turns three over the weekend, use the following Monday for the IEP implementation date because school was not in session. The begin date (separate from the IEP begin date) of the Special Education program association and the school entry date should be on or after the student turns three.

  • Example: District Deb is getting an error on Chloe’s record that she is too young for IDEA eligibility. Deb finds out that Chloe turned three November 10 but that her IEP Begin Date started November 7 when her Special Education team met to discuss her case and implement an education plan for her. Because this is only a few days prior to the third birthday, Deb ignores the validation message and waits for the time when this will no longer be flagged as an error.
Number: KBA-01074-Q1J4L2
Key Words: validation code 6595, invalid IDEA eligibility, under age 3, Special Education, IEP
Modified: 10/27/2020