Error 6617 (Formerly Warning 6403)

  • Short Text: Student is submitted as disabled, but no prior record of IDEA-eligible disability is found.

  • Long Text: Choice student is submitted as disabled, but no prior record of IDEA-eligible disability is found. Verify that the student associated with this WISEid was previously covered by an Individualized Education Program or an Individualized Services Plan or remove the disability.

  • Business Rule Impact:

  • Calculation-- Choice only rule Disability (/students) = not NULL (which is of order 1) no prior or current sSEPA recorded OR no historical record with a disability  has been reported (this is received from DW. They only store primary disability for historical data. Should receive data from the start of ISES). Note - DPIReportingDisability = U in current SchoolYear, and no previous records found for Disabilities. L2:6617 should not show up.
  • Logic-- Will be replaced by 6617. (1) This rule will run ONLY for choice schools.  (2) This rule must determine whether or not a student (WISEid) has ever been reported previously in the ISES collection (specifically WISEdash) with a primary_disability <> N.  (3) Use the DWDS view of all prior disabilities as data source for history.

  • How to Fix: Check to see if the student in question is indeed disabled and has been receiving special education services. If the student is disabled, verify whether or not the student was covered by an IEP/ISP. Students must have been IDEA eligible prior to attending a choice school to be reported by choice schools. Even if the students have a 504, if they have never had IDEA eligibility, they cannot be reported. If the student was covered, enter the appropriate information regarding the disability. If the student was not, remove the disability submission.

  • If a Choice school is aware that a public school is actively providing services from an IEP/ISP, the public School must submit Special Education Program Associations (sSEPA) records, which will clear these messages for the choice school.

  • If the student is 

    not actively receiving services from a public school in the current year and  no evidence has been submitted in prior years of having been IDEA eligible, these students cannot be reported as having a disability at the Choice school. 

  • Example: District Deb discovers Callahan's record says he is submitted as disabled but doesn't have a record of an IDEA-eligible disability listed from a public school. Deb talks to Callahan and his caregivers to find that he isn't currently receiving services from a public school, nor did he used to have IEP coverage showing IDEA eligibility before going to the choice school. Deb knows this is a requirement for the choice school to submit him as disabled, so she removes Callahan's disability from reporting.

Number: KBA-01041-F4N9P2
Key Words: code 6403, Code 6617, disabled, IDEA-eligible disability, IEP, Choice
Modified: 09/13/2017

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