Error 6483

  • Short Text: Invalid Exit Type, Below Compulsory Age (BCA).


  • Long Text: Exit Type 'Below Compulsory Age' (BCA) was provided but is invalid. This exit type is valid only for students below age 6 on the exit date. BCA is the only valid exit type for students below age 6. The student can be below 6 on the count date and turn 6 later in the school year, but BCA exit type would still apply for this student.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic (2018-19 and earlier)--(1) This rule uses the age as of the exit date. (2) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.

    • Logic (2019-20 and later)--ExitWithdrawType = BCA and ExitWithdrawDate != null and Age on Exit Date >6


  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s age and birthday, checking (but not copying) a legal document such as a birth certificate, if necessary. If the student turned six prior to the exit date, you must remove the BCA exit type and enter an appropriate exit type. If the birth date was entered in error and the child really was still five or younger before the exit date, then leave the BCA exit type and correct the birth date.


  • Example: District Deb notes an error on Diana’s record that her exit type is invalid. Deb looks into the situation and finds that Diana’s birth date was December 1, 2010, meaning her sixth birthday was December 1, 2016, but her exit date was June 5, 2017. Because Deb knows that if Diana turns six before the exit date, then BCA can’t be used. Diana removes the BCA exit type and enters TC instead to clear the error.


Number: KBA-01208-H3H4T4
Key Words: code 6483, invalid exit type, BCA, below compulsory age, age 6, exit date
Modified: 10/27/2020