Error 6588

  • Short Text: Required field is missing, 'Educational Environment Setting'.

  • Long Text: Required field is missing, 'Educational Environment Setting'. Educational Environment Setting is required for every student to Special Education Program Association.

  • Business Rule Impact:

    • Calculation-- When sSEPA Resource is submitted AND specialEducationSettingDescriptor is missing, throw this error.

  • How to Fix:

    • Verify whether or not the student has a current Special Education Program Association (sSEPA). If not, remove any data that may be causing the system to think the student is partaking of this program; it’s possible a former school previously had a sSEPA record for the student, but the student doesn’t have one at the current school. If the student does have a sSEPA, then check on the begin and end dates, as well as the student’s age to ensure you can input the correct Educational Environment based on student age.

    • There are two separate Educational Environment settings based on age: 3-5 years old and 6-21 years old. Based on the student’s age, you must have the appropriate Educational Environment value attached to the record in your SIS to clear the error. Sometimes you may even have two separate sSEPA records for the school year if the student turns six and needs to have a new sSEPA record with the 6-21 year-old age range Educational Environment setting.

  • Example: Jack has an active Special Education Program Association, but District Deb sees an error that his record is missing the Educational Environment setting. Deb looks into the matter and finds that Jack actually has two separate sSEPA records for the current school year because he turned from age five to age six and needed to have an updated sSEPA based on this new Educational Environment classification. The 3-5 year-old sSEPA was ended appropriately, but when the new sSEPA was started, no Educational Environment value was added. Deb adds the 6-21 year-old setting in her SIS to correct the error.

Number: KBA-01086-Q7L7C0
Key Words: code 6588, educational environment setting, Special Education Program Association, sSEPA
Modified: 09/13/2017

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