Error 6575

  • Short Text: Continuing student enrollment is missing for a transfer between different districts / CMOs / Choice Schools.

  • Long Text: Continuing student enrollment is missing for a transfer between different districts / CMOs / Choice Schools. To correct the error, the expected transfer district / CMO / Choice Schools needs to submit the continuing enrollment.

  • Business Rules:

    • Throw on expected transfer district Check this rule for only students with active status. Refer WiseID Person table to check this status. Exit Type = ETC AND Expected Transfer Response = S AND no subsequent Primary or PPP has been entered by any district in the current school year or until the 3rd Fri of Sep of the immediately next school year If a record is PPP do not throw this error. Note: Expected transfer agency or response is not required for PPP records. While checking for subsequent enrollment Primary and PPP are included as subsequent enrollment.

  • How to Fix: Another school outside your district reported that one of their students was transferring to a school in your district. Because WISEdata hasn’t yet seen reported proof of this transfer, you need to take action. This rule throws if there is an Expected transfer Response of 'Yes, Known to be continuing' but no enrollment record is attached to the student for the specified school year.

  • If this student transferred to your school/district or Choice system, as suggested by the transfer response, then submit a WISEdata enrollment record for the student; a new enrollment will prove the student's status as a transfer rather than a dropout.

  • It's also possible the student accidentally has two WISEids linked, making it look like the student with one of the WISEids hasn't enrolled. If this is the case, you will need to identify the duplicate WISEid and merge the records and/or delete the extra WISEid record.

  • Example: Choice School Charlotte notices an error that Fran was set to be a transfer to Kit Kat Elementary, a Choice school, from Skittles Elementary, a school in a neighboring district, but Fran doesn’t have a new enrollment set up in WISEdata at Kit Kat, the expected transfer school. Charlotte discovers that Fran has been attending Kit Kat Elementary, so she works in her SIS to set up an enrollment record for Fran.

For more information, see the Expected Transfer Response page:
Number: KBA-01227-N0C2Z7
Key Words: code 6575, interdistrict transfer, transfer response, exit type, enrollment
Modified: 10/27/2020