Warning 6689

  • Short Text:  The 'Action Length', days removed this school year, exceeds 45 days for IAES discipline.

  • Long Text: The 'Action Length', days removed this school year, exceeds 45 days for IAES discipline. 'Action Length' exceeds 45 days, but discipline type shows placement in Interim Alternative Educational Setting by school personnel or hearing office. 'Action Length' should not exceed 45 school days per removal for placement in IAES.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Throw if Action Length (DisciplineAction endpoint) > 45 school days  AND Discipline Type (DisciplineAction endpoint) =  IAES by School Personnel OR Discipline Type (DisciplineAction endpoint) = IAES by Hearing Officer.

    •   Logic-- Action Length CAN NOT exceed 45 school days for IAES's per removal of school personnel or hearing officer.

  • How to Fix: Verify the discipline action and discipline action length the student received, checking discipline incident records as necessary. If the student was given an IAES removal, the length should not be over 45 days. You will need to modify either the discipline descriptor (action) or the length to submit valid data. Acknowledge the warning once you have reviewed and/or modified the data.

  • Example: District Deb notes a warning on Jon’s record that his IAES action length exceeds 45 days. District Deb knows an IAES removal cannot go over 45 days, so she looks into the matter. She finds that Jon has an action length of 40 days, but it was incorrectly documented. Deb clears the old value from the Discipline Length field and enters a value of 40 for discipline action length.

Number: KBA-01279-K3F4X2
Key Words: code 6689, action length, IAES, 45 days, discipline
Modified: 09/13/2017

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