Warning 6693

  • Short Text: Student has been reported as expelled multiple times within this district.

  • Long Text: Student has been reported as expelled multiple times within this district. As reported, this student has multiple discipline actions with the discipline 'Expulsion' or 'Expulsion with Services' and will be counted more than once. Though an expelled student may receive services from an alternative location or enroll in a different school within the district, subsequent action taken should be considered as part of the existing incident and discipline. Determine the single school within the district for which the expulsion should be reported and remove the other record(s).

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Student has multiple Discipline Actions of type = Expulsion* in same school year for same LEA (Expulsion and Expulsion with Services would cause this to throw, counts as two Expulsions).

  • How to Fix: First check to see if the student really has multiple expulsions within the same district. It is more likely that the same incident with its coordinating discipline action was reported from multiple schools in the same district, causing it to look like the student had multiple expulsions when, in fact, it was the same one reported more than once. Work with the other schools in the district to determine which school should be reporting the incident and action. Then remove the extra discipline action submissions.

    • If the student truly has multiple expulsions at different schools in your district during the same school year (perhaps a short expulsion followed by a return to a different school with another expulsion), you can simply acknowledge the warning.

  • Example: District Deb sees a warning that Julio has been reported as expelled from her district multiple times this school year. Though it is possible, Deb checks out the situation and discovers that Julio only had one incident at Ghostbusters High School after which he was expelled with services. Because Julio also attended Gremlins Learning Academy for writing help, Gremlins reported the expulsion as well. Deb knows these are the same incident and action, both which should be reported only by Ghostbusters High where the incident originally occurred. Deb works with Gremlins to remove the extra submission and then acknowledges the warning.

Number: KBA-01283-H6H5F8
Key Words: code 6693, expulsion, multiple expulsions, discipline action
Modified: 09/13/2017

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