Error 6649

  • Short Text: Three-year-old student submitted as Parentally-Placed Private (PPP).

  • Long Text: Three-year-old student in grade level Pk or K3 submitted as Parentally Placed Private (PPP). The lowest grade for PPP is 4k. Usually three year old is not a PPP but there could be exceptions if they have a grade of 4K or KG. Three-year-old students in grade level Pk or K3 receiving special educational services should not be submitted as PPP. These students should be covered by an IEP rather than a service plan. Consider the enrollment period and the student Special Education Program Association (sSEPA) period. If the enrollment period (inclusive of or between the Enrollment Entry Date and Enrollment Exit Date) includes any point in time where the student was three, then the Enrollment Type must be changed from Parent Placed Private/PPP to Primary. When the student turns four years old and is now being served by an service plan (ISP), then second enrollment record must be entered such that the Enrollment   Type is set to Parent Placed Private. If an IEP is still in effect, then the Enrollment Type should remain as Primary. Additionally first SSEPA (that covers when the student is 3 years old and has an IEP) should be exited and a subsequent SSEPA should be created if an ISP is created.

  • Business Rules (2019-20 and later):

    • Throw the error on SSEPA,
      If Age of the student on the entry date of SSA is three (use DOB and entry date of SSA) AND enrollment type of SSA = PPP and grade level is PK or K3

    • Business Rules (2018-19 and earlier): Age of the student on the SSEPA is three (use DOB and begindate SSEPA) AND PPP = T.

  • How to Fix: Although three-year-old students should be submitted to WISEdata, they cannot be submitted as parentally-placed private (PPP). They can’t be submitted as PPP until age four, so you will need to modify the PPP setting to ‘No’ in the current sSEPA until the child reaches age four. When the child turns four, you will start a new sSEPA record and mark the PPP status with a value of ‘Yes’.

  • Example: District Deb sees an error on Seth’s record that he’s a three-year-old submitted as parentally-placed private. Deb looks into the matter and sees Seth is indeed three years old and receiving special education services. She knows he can receive services and should be submitted to WISEdata, but he can’t be entered as PPP at age three. Deb modifies the PPP value to ‘No’ for now and will wait until he turns four to start a new sSEPA record with a ‘Yes’ value.

Number: KBA-01242-M2J5D1
Key Words: code 6649, 3, three-year-old, PPP, parentally-placed private, special education, sSEPA
Modified: 10/27/2020