Error 6672

  • Short Text: Invalid Enrollment Period.

  • Long Text: Invalid Enrollment Period. The enrollment period identified by the WISEid, School ID, and Entry Date does not include days within the current school term, 7/1 to 6/30. Discipline incidents which occur during summer school should not be submitted.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--sSA reference (schoolid, studentid, entry date) submitted in the studentDisciplineIncidentAssociation should be within the school year. For the year 2016-17, sSA entry date is before 7/1/2016 and after 6/30/2017, then we throw this error.

    • Logic--DO NOT INCLUDE EXIT DATE IN LOGIC. Entry date of sSA must fall in school year. They cannot pick an enrollment period from a prior or future school year.

  • How to Fix: Check the dates of the student’s enrollment period from entry date to present (or exit date). Then verify whether or not the student’s discipline incident occurred during that enrollment period, ensuring you do not count incidents that happen during summer school. You must also make sure the incident didn't happen before or after the student’s enrollment in that particular school year. Do not report discipline incidents that fall during summer school. Modify enrollment periods as necessary if the incident occurred outside of the current school year enrollment, so the appropriate school, student, incident, and enrollment are linked.

  • Example: District Deb notes an error on Jared’s record that he has an invalid enrollment period associated with a discipline incident. Deb looks into the situation and sees Jared was involved in a fight during summer school. Because the secretary at the school is accustomed to entering incidents in the system, she didn’t realize that summer school incidents shouldn’t be reported to WISEdata. Deb removes the discipline incident from being reported to DPI, so it won’t conflict with the student’s enrollment and school association (sSA) information or incidents that should be reported during the school year.

Number: KBA-01249-M0G1S7
Key Words: code 6672, enrollment, discipline, incident, summer school, sSA
Modified: 08/28/2017

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