Warning 6490

  • Short Text: Multiple Credentials were submitted by multiple districts/agencies for this student.
  • Long Text: Student was submitted as receiving multiple High School Completion Credentials from multiple districts/agencies for a single school term. This will result in the student being counted multiple times in Statewide high school completion statistics. Consider use of Exit Type 'Transfer to a school within the WISEdata, known to be continuing' in lieu of 'High School Completion,' if both apply, especially if the student receives a regular High School Diploma in a later school. Review the High School Completion Credential types for further information.

  • Business Rule Impact:

  • Calculation-- Single (same) school year Multiple districts/ agencies (or choice schools) submit. Diploma Type (could be anything). (Note - only thrown if they belong to different choice schools or different districts for public. And both districts get this warning).
  • Logic-- (1) This rule considered only credentials in the same collection year. (2) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.
  • How to Fix: Check to see if the student truly graduated from your school or another one; verify with the student or other district, if necessary. Once you have identified where the student graduated, update the record to reflect the accurate answer. If the student graduated from your school, work with the other districts to have them alter their Exit Type. If the student left your school and graduated elsewhere, remove the ‘High School Completion’ Exit Type and replace it with the appropriate Exit Type. Acknowledge the warning.

  • Example: District Deb sees a warning that Madison Riders has multiple districts submitting her High School Completion Credentials. Deb digs into this and finds that Madison graduated in June 2016 from Sapphire High School, but her former transfer school Ruby Charter School also submitted her credentials, even though she didn't graduate from there. Deb keeps the credentials in for Sapphire and then contacts the Ruby Charter School to have them remove Madison's credentials. Then she acknowledges the warning.
Number: KBA-01050-B0H6Y1
Key Words: code 6490, multiple credentials, multiple districts, high school completion
Modified: 10/27/2020