Error 6512

  • Short Text: The Expected Transfer Agency should not be provided.

  • Long Text: The Expected Transfer Agency should not be provided. Expected Transfer Agency should be provided only for students exited as expected transfers. Resubmit the student without Expected Transfer Agency or modify the Exit Type.

  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1) Catches when district, CMO, system, 2R (when not associated with CMO) or school (for private schools not associated to a system) should not be provided. (2) This rule runs for possible full-term dropouts.  

  • How to Fix: First verify whether or not the student transferred from your school/district and if it was with proof of transfer or not. See the data element FAQ section from the link below for what constitutes proof of transfer. Because the student’s exit code does not reflect an expected transfer, you likely need to remove the expected transfer agency value to clear the error. However, if you have proof the student transferred or will transfer to another school, you can maintain the expected transfer agency but must modify the exit type code appropriately.

  • Example: District Deb receives an error that the expected transfer agency shouldn’t be provided for Corey’s record. Deb looks into the matter and finds that Corey was exited from Ocean View High School with an exit type of TC, transfer to another WI school or continuing in the same school, known to be continuing. Deb contacts Ocean View and Corey’s family and finds out that Corey will still be attending Ocean View next school year. Deb knows for TC codes with students returning to the same school, you don’t need to submit an expected transfer agency, as that’s only for transfers. Deb removes the transfer agency to clear the error.

Number: KBA-01226-J1W7M3
Key Words: code 6512, expected transfer agency, ETC, TC, exit type, exit
Modified: 10/27/2020