Error 6572

  • Short Text: Completed School Term should be set to 'Yes'.


  • Long Text: Completed School Term should be set to 'Yes'. Completed School Term 'No,' was submitted. If Exit Type is 'High School Completion,' and the record is the most recent enrollment record, then the Completed School Term is expected to be 'Yes'.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1) When exit type = 'HSC', CST = N will cause this error. (2) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.


  • How to Fix: First verify whether or not the student completed the school term in question at your school. Ensure the exit date for the end of the term is the correct date when the student’s enrollment ended and that the Exit Type entered is High School Completion. If so, change the No value to a Yes value in the Completed School Term field. If the student did not complete the term at your school, maintain the value of No and work with the other school who is the most current enrollment holder to enter the appropriate enrollment and exit information, including the Completed School Term field.


  • Example: Jared’s record is throwing an error that he doesn’t have a Yes value for Completed School Term. District Deb checks into it and sees Jared just finished his senior year at Jazzy High School and has an exit date of June 6 entered on his record. After verifying that Jared finished at Jazzy High and has an exit type of High School Completion, Deb removes the No and enters a value of Yes in the Completed School Term field to resolve the error.

For more information, see the Completed School Term data element page at:

Number: KBA-01165-J7C4K2
Key Words: code 6572, completed school term, HSC, recent enrollment, high school completion
Modified: 10/27/2020