Error 6481

  • Short Text: Invalid Exit Type, 'Maximum Age' (MA).  


  • Long Text: Invalid Exit Type, 'Maximum Age'. Exit type MA, 'Maximum Age', was provided but is invalid. Exit Type ‘Maximum Age’ is valid only if the student completed the most recently ended school year and turned 20 before the beginning date of the school year (e.g., 9/1) that includes the current count date. The school year in which this student will reach maximum age is shown in the 'Field Value.' Modify the exit type or update WISEdata, if appropriate. 

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--

      If exit type = MA and ((CST = false) or ((birth date + 21 years) not between 9/1 to 8/31))

    • Logic--

      If there is a subsequent enrollment after the record with Exit type MA and CST = Y, then don't throw the message anymore or stop throwing


  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s age, checking (but not copying) a legal document, such as a birth certificate or state ID, if necessary. Check the student’s 21st birthday against the start date of the current school year. If the student had not yet turned 21 prior to the start date, then remove the Maximum Age exit type and enter an appropriate one to clear the error.


  • Example: District Deb spots an error on Steve’s record that he has an invalid exit type. Deb checks into the matter and finds that max age was marked, but Steve didn’t turn 21 until Oct. 4, after the start of the school year. Deb removes the incorrect exit type and enters a more appropriate one for the situation.


Number: KBA-01203-J6M6L7
Key Words: code 6481, exit date, exit type, max age, maximum age, 21
Modified: 10/27/2020