Error 6503

  • Short Text: No subsequent enrollment found for the student on or before 3rd of September (TFS). TC exit type is invalid in this scenario.

  • Long Text: To use the TC exit type, the student must have enrollment on or prior to the 3rd Friday of Sept (TFS).  If your district expected transfer but the enrollment date is after TFS and no other enrollment prior to TFS exists, then the exit type should be changed to ODO.

  • Business Rule Logic:

  • Throw on Submitting School,
    Check this rule for only students with active status. Refer WiseID Person table to check this status

    If ExitWithdrawType = TC and no Subsequent Primary or PPP SSA has been entered in current school year or up until the 3rd Fri sep of next school year.

    If a record is PPP do not throw this error.

  • How to Fix: You're currently receiving this error because you previously had a student enrolled whom you expected to continue but who does not have a current year enrollment or had not by the 3rd Friday of September. Because the other school to which you thought the student was continuing did not mark the student as attending as of the 3rd Friday in September, you should modify the exit code used to ODO. Without their new enrollment or proof of a transfer elsewhere, you can’t have a known to be continuing exit type. However, you check if the student transferred out of your school/district, and, if so, verify whether or not the student is now enrolled in another school covered by WISEdata. If so, the student needs a new enrollment record. 

  • Example: District Deb notices an error on Mazie’s record that she needs a different exit type. Deb figures out that Mazie was expected to return to Oatly High School. Oatly High School has no new enrollment or evidence of Mazie’s attendance for the current school year, and Deb can’t find any proof of the transfer to Oatly or any other school covered by WISEdata. Without proof, Deb must remove the invalid exit type and use ODO to reflect that Mazie is not known to be continuing.

Number: KBA-01214-H5F2L6
Key Words: code 6503, exit type, expected transfer, not known to be continuing
Modified: 10/27/2020