Error 6763

Short Text: Program Association End Date after end of DPI school year (June 30).

Long Text: Program Association End Date after end of DPI school year (June 30). If this occurred as a result of a clerical error, double check the record and ensure the correct End Date was entered. If the dates are correct, but the record is being sent against the wrong school year, please check with your vendor to ensure the correct records are sent for the appropriate school year.

Business Logic: Throw when Program Type = CEIS OR SECTION 504 AND End Date > DPI school year (06/30)

How to Fix: You're seeing this error because you've submitted a student with a program association end date that is after the June 30 end of the DPI calendar school year. Both CEIS and Section 504 program associations must fall within the current school year, so double check the end date entered for when the student was first associated with the program. 
  • It's likely this was merely entered incorrectly, so if this is the case, modify the value to a date within the valid school year range. 
  • If the date is correct, it suggests a program association tied to the incorrect school year. Verify when the student started the program and whether or not the student is still participating in the program, working with school staff as needed. If the student started the program last school year, then enter a valid end date for the program association in the previous school year (no later than June 30). If the student only has an association for the current school year, update the end date to be within the next/current school year, ensuring it's after July 1.

Example: District Deb receives an error on Maya's record that her Section 504 Program Association End Date can't be after June 30 when the DPI calendar school year ends. Deb looks into the matter and discovers Maya was first noted as part of Section 504 program on June 10, which is then associated to the previous school year, not the next school year. Deb checks to see if Maya's situation remains the same. After finding that she's still part of Section 504, she end dates the prior program association in the previous school year. Then she enters a new Section 504 program association for the next school year with the appropriate begin and end dates.

For more info, see the Programs data element page:
Number: KBA-01400-N2W5V5
Key Words: code 6763, program association, end date
Modified: 06/18/2018

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