Error 6577

  • Short Text: Invalid Exit Type for Expected Transfer with no evidence of move.


  • Long Text: Invalid Exit Type for Expected Transfer with no evidence of move. Exit type must be modified to 'Other or possible dropout', if no other exit type applies.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1) This error is thrown for the submitting district, not the expected transfer district. This rule is for CHOICE and PUBLIC schools. (2) This rule catches the scenario (a) all students regardless of disability where (b) submitting agency expected transfer, but (c) expected transfer agency has reported that there is no evidence of move into district. (3) This rule shall run for Possible Full-Term Dropouts.


  • How to Fix: Check if the student transferred out of your school, and, if so, verify whether or not the student is now enrolled in another school covered by WISEdata. Because the other school to which you thought the student was transferring did not mark the student as now attending, you must remove the current expected transfer exit type. Without their new enrollment or proof of a transfer elsewhere, you must mark the student as ODO or another appropriate exit type.


  • Example: District Deb notices an error on Bella’s record that she has an invalid exit type. Deb figures out that Bella exited Sparkler High School April 7 and was expected to transfer to Firework High School. Firework High School entered in WISEdata that Bella never transferred there, and Deb can’t find any proof of the transfer there or any other school covered by WISEdata. Without proof, Deb must remove the expected transfer exit type. To clear the error, Deb enters an ODO exit type instead.


Number: KBA-01213-F9R3F1
Key Words: code 6577, exit type, expected transfer, no evidence of move, dropout
Modified: 10/27/2020