Error 6662

  • Short Text: Invalid 'Incident Date'.

  • Long Text: Invalid 'Incident Date'. 'Incident Date' may not be a future date and must occur within the associated enrollment period for this student.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Throw If Incident Date is in the future (this is already covered by an L1) OR Incident Date is outside the enrollment period submitted in the Student Discipline Incident Association sSA reference. Use entry date from the sSA reference and Exit Date from the sSA (using the reference key).

    • Logic--If Exit Date on sSA is empty, consider it to be 6/30.

  • How to Fix: The error identifies that the supplied Incident Date is not valid in relation to the entry and exit dates from the associated sSA. Review the student’s current enrollment period and verify the date of the student’s discipline incident, consulting incident documentation as needed.

    There are four possible reasons and solutions for this error:

                    a.  The incident date reported is in the future. Correct the incident date to a date that is not in the future.

                    b.  The incident date is wrong, but the entry/exit dates (enrollment period) is correct. Modify the incident date to a correct date within the enrollment period.

                    c.   The incident date is correct, but it is associated with the wrong enrollment period within the Discipline records. Fix the discipline association to the student enrollment period, so the incident date aligns with the proper enrollment.

                    d.   The incident date is correct, but the entry date or exit date in the sSA (enrollment) is wrong. Fix the student's school association (sSA) record with the correct entry and/or exit date.


    An incident date must occur within the regular school year. The discipline action date may occur after the end of the school year or, for expulsion only, in the first few days of the next school year.

    Districts must not submit summer enrollment records to WISEdata, with the exception of year-round school for which there is no ‘summer’.

  • Example: Webster’s record displays an error that he has an invalid incident date. District Deb sees the incident date is currently reported as 9/5/17 when it’s still August. Deb knows the incident couldn’t have happened in the future, so she digs into the matter. She reviews the incident report and learns that Webster’s incident was actually on 5/9/17; someone had inverted the numbers of the date. To clear the error, Deb corrects the incident date to 5/9/17, a date in the past and falling within Webster’s enrollment dates.

Number: KBA-01245-F7D0R9
Key Words: code 6662, incident date, discipline, enrollment period
Modified: 09/21/2017

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