Error 6610

  • Short Text: Program association for Special Education is invalid.

  • Long Text: Program association for Special Education is invalid. The student to Special Education Program Association must be used for the submission of Special Education and disability information.  The orphaned program association must be deleted.

  • Business Rules:

    • Logic-- Throw when only an sPA has been submitted or has become orphaned without an associated sSEPA.

    • Calculation-- --studentProgramAssociation (sPA) exists with-- programEdOrgId = 48856 programTypeId = 49 programName = Special Education But sSEPA for the same student does not exist with the same beginDate (as above sPA) same educationOrganizationid (as above sPA) programEdOrgId = 4885 programTypeId = 49 programName = Special Education

  • How to Fix: First verify that the student in question still has a current, active special education program association. If the student still receives special education services, then check to see if the current sSEPA is associated with the proper student record. Once you have the current and correct sSEPA submitted, remove the invalid program association that doesn’t have the special education information attached.

  • Example: District Deb notes an error for April’s program association as being invalid. When she looks into the matter, she finds that April has an sPA listed that has no mention of April’s sSEPA. Deb verifies that April still has an active IEP and is receiving special education services. She then inputs the active sSEPA information into April’s record, so it can be reported to WISEdata. She makes sure to also remove the program association that wasn’t attached to the special education record.

Number: KBA-01112-K9X7B8
Key Words: code 6610, program association, special education, sSEPA, sPA, disability
Modified: 10/27/2020