Error 6678

  • Short Text: Invalid 'Discipline' and 'Behavior' combination.

  • Long Text: Invalid 'Discipline' and 'Behavior' combination. When 'Discipline' is Placement in IAES - Hearing Officer, the 'Behavior' must be 'Endangering Behavior'.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Throw If Discipline (DisciplineActions endpoint) = IAES - Hearing Officer AND Behavior (studentDisciplineIncidentAssociation endpoint) does not have Endangering Behavior

    • Logic--Don't throw this if behavior is NULL for the same student and same incident.

  • How to Fix: First verify the discipline action given after the incident and then check the primary behavior the student exhibited in the incident, consulting incident documentation as needed. The behavior must have been 'Endangering Behavior’ to submit a discipline action of Placement in IAES by a Hearing Officer. If the student did not have an endangering behavior, then remove the IAES Placement by Hearing Officer Discipline value. Rectifying the invalid combination will clear the error.

  • Example: District Deb notices an error on Gwen’s record that she has an invalid Discipline and Behavior combination. Deb looks into the situation and discovers that Gwen was found with drugs in her locker. Deb knows drug-related is not an endangering behavior that can be submitted with a discipline of IAES Placement by a hearing officer, so she removes that invalid discipline. Deb verifies with the school on what happened and then enters a valid discipline action of out-of-school suspension.

Number: KBA-01250-P4N9R4
Key Words: code 6678, discipline, behavior, placement in IAES, hearing officer, endangering behavior
Modified: 10/27/2020

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