Error 6609

  • Short Text: IEP end date must be greater than or equal to IEP begin date.

  • Long Text: IEP end date must be greater than or equal to IEP begin date.

  • Business Rule Impact:

    • Calculation-- iepEndDate precedes iepBeginDate in the sSEPA

    • Logic-- Do not run when end date is null.

    • This error will result in data not being included for Oct 1 Child Count reporting. This validation is functioning as intended (Currently not listed on the bug issues list) and should be resolved prior to snapshot.

  • How to Fix: First find out if the student still has a current IEP and a Special Education Program Association record in effect. If not, remove the unnecessary dates about the IEP record and other related Special Education data. If the student does have a current IEP, verify the start and end dates, which must be in the current or prior school year. Input those accurate date values into your SIS, ensuring the IEP start date is prior to the IEP end date. remove the invalid end date and enter the appropriate IEP end date.

  • Example: Maggie’s record is throwing an error that her IEP end date is before her IEP begin date. District Deb notes this and researches the situation. She discovers that Maggie does indeed have an active IEP for her Special Education needs and that her latest re-evaluation was September 10, 2016. This is an acceptable begin date, as it falls within the current school year. Deb sees the IEP will stay in effect for a calendar year, so in her SIS she removes the old IEP end date value from the prior year’s date and enters an IEP end date value of September 9, 2017, to clear the error.

Number: KBA-01087-M5Q0D1
Key Words: code 6609, IEP end date, IEP begin date, sSEPA
Modified: 09/13/2017

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