Error 6601

  • Short Text: Required field is missing: Count Date Receiving Services for October 1 Child Count.

  • Long Text: Count Date Receiving Services is determined from the Ed-Fi element Receiving Services within the studentSchoolAssociationWisconsinExt resource. This element is missing or incomplete and is expected because the October 1 Child Count is included within this period of enrollment. Contact your vendor to understand where this information must be entered in your local SIS to transfer to DPI via the Ed-Fi API.

  • Business Rule Impact:

  • Calculation--1. sSAWiExt is missing and student's Enrollment and SSEPA include count date or 2. sSAWiExt is submitted but the Oct1receiving services is missing and student's Enrollment and SSEPA include count date
  • Logic-- Only PUBLIC - Should not run for CHOICE. It’s similar to 6381 for TFS but must include only students with a valid sSEPA, including the specific date October 1 and an sSA including October 1. 

  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s enrollment dates at your school. Also check to see if the student has a Special Education Program Association (sSEPA). Both are needed to submit this data element. If the student was attending during the Oct. 1 Child Count and has an active sSEPA, then enter the required information for the October 1 Child Count field to state that the child was receiving services as of the count date. This should only be submitted by public schools.

  • If there is an issue where a student has a lingering sSEPA open from a previous enrollment at another district that has since ended but not been closed, you may need to reach out to the other agency to correct the error.

  • View information on Count Dates on the Count Date Status data element page at

  • Example: Penny currently attends Empire Elementary school and has been enrolled for the entire school year 2016-17, but her record is throwing an error that she doesn’t have information on whether or not she was receiving services on the Oct. 1 count date. District Deb sees that Penny has been continuously attending Empire and has a sSEPA with Empire. Deb corrects the error by putting in that Penny was indeed receiving services at Empire during the October 1 Child Count.

Number: KBA-01059-F1B9Y0
Key Words: code 6601, count date, receiving services, October 1 Child Count
Modified: 07/22/2019

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