Error 6636

  • Short Text: Required field is missing, 'Program Schedule'.

  • Long Text: Required field is missing, 'Program Schedule'. Grade was submitted as K4, '4 Year Old Kindergarten' or KG, 'Kindergarten', Program Schedule is required.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--wiDpiSsaProgramScheduleType (on SSA) = NULL AND GradeLevel = K4 or KG. Do Not run for PPP = Y or Agency type is DOC/ DHS

    • Logic--Thrown only for Public because this data element is not collected for Choice. This is thrown for each individual sSA that satisfies the above condition.

  • How to Fix: Verify whether the student is in K4 or KG. Then check the times the class meets to find the appropriate program schedule code for that grade level. Enter the correct program schedule code to clear the error.

  • Example: Carrie’s record is throwing an error that it’s missing a program schedule. District Deb looks into the matter and sees Carrie is in K4 in a class that meets weekly all year without outreach. Deb enters the K4-appropriate code 50K4N into the Program Schedule field to clear the error.

Number: KBA-01277-Y6K1W3
Key Words: code 6636, program schedule, KG, K4
Modified: 08/23/2017

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