Error 6717

  • Short Text: Invalid 'Actual Discipline Action Length' for Suspension or IAES.

  • Long Text: Invalid 'Actual Discipline Action Length' for Suspension or IAES. 'Actual Discipline Action Length' for both Suspension or IAES is expected to equal length. These removals (Suspensions and IAES) cannot span into the next school year.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Throw if Disciplines (Descriptor on DisciplineActions endpoint) = Suspension (In-Suspension OR Out-School Suspension) OR IAES (School Personnel OR Hearing Officer) AND ActualDisciplineActionLength!= Length

  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s discipline action and length determined after the incident. For suspensions and IAES removals, the discipline length and actual discipline action length should be the same and should not extend into the next school year. Remove the invalid value in the field for Actual Discipline Action Length and then enter the correct length, ensuring it matches the discipline length submitted.

  • Example: District Deb sees an error on Shania’s record that it has an invalid Actual Discipline Action Length. Deb looks into it and figures out that Shania received an out-of-school suspension for three days. Deb sees that discipline length was entered as three days but not the actual length. After verifying the length assigned and set to serve, Deb removes the invalid value and enters 3 days in the Actual Discipline Action Length field as well.

Number: KBA-01285-H5C5S5
Key Words: actual length, discipline length, discipline action, suspension, IAES
Modified: 08/31/2017

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