Error 6370

  • Short Text: Required field is missing, ‘Economically Disadvantaged Status’.

  • Long Text: Economically Disadvantaged Status is determined from the Ed-Fi elements student economicDisadvantaged and schoolFoodServiceEligibilityDescriptor. One or both of these elements are missing. Contact your vendor to understand where this information must be entered in your local SIS to transfer to DPI via the Ed-Fi API.

  • Business Rule Impact:

    • economicDisadvantaged OR schoolFoodServiceEligibilityDescriptor is NULL on student endpoint

  • How to Fix:

    • Open the student’s record in your SIS and see if you can find any information on his or her Economically Disadvantaged Status and Food Service Eligibility. Even if the school doesn't participate in a food service program or have a food service eligibility, form, the student's economic status must still be collected. There may be an Alternate Household Income form on file or other economic indicators in the student’s record. This information needs to be submitted to DPI, so work with the student’s family and your SIS vendor to obtain the information and then get it entered into your SIS in the appropriate location to be transferred to DPI.

    • Economic disadvantage needs to be submitted for all students in all grades in all schools, even PK and K4.

    • For more information on Economically Disadvantaged Status and Food Services Eligibility, see the data element page:

  • Example: District Deb receives an error regarding Paulo’s record missing a value for Economically Disadvantaged Status. She digs into the matter and works with his family to obtain the necessary information about his economic status and food eligibility. Then Deb works with her PowerSkycampus representative to make sure she’s entering the information into the correct fields so that it transmits to DPI from both the Economically Disadvantaged Status element and the Food Services Eligibility element. Deb enters the appropriate values in those fields to clear the error for  Paulo.

Number: KBA-01090-Y8X1N5
Key Words: code 6370, economically disadvantaged status, food service eligibility, Ed-Fi elements
Modified: 10/27/2020