Error 6478

  • Short Description: Exit type 'Transfer to another school covered by WISEdata; known to be continuing'. should be used. 
  • Long Description: This student has a more recent WISEdata enrollment period that begins on or before the count date, In these situations, exit type 'Transfer to another school covered by WISEdata' should be used, unless the exit type submitted was high school completion, prior completion credential, or death. The previously submitted exit type is shown in the 'Field Value.'

  • Business Rules: 
  • Logic--(1) The intent of this rule is to prevent dropout exit types when the student has later or current enrollment. (2) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records. 

  • How to Fix: 
  • In the case of a student who transfers to another school covered by WISEdata (Exit Type TC), that transfer is officially documented through the submission of a WISEdata record by the receiving district/school. No additional documentation is required. At the end of the school year go through and plug in TC codes for transfers, not ETC codes, especially for transfers out of state. 
  • WISEdata needs students to come across as transfers with a TC code because of the way the state views dropout responsibility. The system will no longer modify data from ODO to TC like it did in ISES if the student actually transferred instead of dropping out when leaving your school. It’s necessary that you modify these records to an exit type of TC, so you don’t end up having dropout issues. 
  • It's a similar situation for out of state moves. In the past when a student went out of state and then came back into the state and DPI saw the TOS followed by an enrollment in another WI school, they manually, on the back end, changed the TOS to a TC. For example, it changed "Other dropout or possible dropout" with "Transfer to another school covered by WSLS" if the data showed that the students continued in a WI school. Now that data is live, DPI is unable to make these back end changes and needs the school districts to do them on their end and push it to WISEdata. Out of State exit issues are not as critical, but we still don’t want you to be responsible for a dropout count when you don’t have the student anymore. 
  • The exit type errors are asking you to change the exit code to a TC to get the error to go away. The only time to use ETC is when you’ve tried to use the TC code, but you get an error of no evidence of transfer. You can then enter ETC if you do have evidence that the student moved. ETC should not be used as broadly as it was in ISES. If you don’t exit using TC, you’ll likely receive an error as well as have responsibility if the student doesn’t end up transferring. If you choose to maintain the TOS or ETC value, it would be your choice to ignore the error.
  •  Example: Jonah attended Porsche Middle School until his family decided to move out of WI. Jonah was gone for the remainder of the school year and summer but has returned in the fall to a different WI school, Jaguar Middle School. District Deb notices an error on Jonah's record that he has the wrong exit type for his exit from Porsche. Deb knows that even though he moved out of state, because she has confirmation that he is now enrolled in Jaguar, a WI school under WISEdata, she will remove the TOS exit type and use the exit type of TC to denote his transfer from one WI school to another.
  • For more information on exit types, see the Exit Type data element page at:
Number: KBA-01138-T9B3L1
Key Words: transfer, TC, ETC, TOS, code 6478, exit type
Modified: 10/27/2020