Error 6616

  • Short Text: Program association is invalid.

  • Long Text: Program association is invalid. Student to Program Association with education organization ID, program type, and program ID of  48856, 'Special Education', and 'Special Education', respectively, may not be submitted by a Choice school. Student to Special Education Program Association may not be submitted by a Choice school. Students in Choice schools must be identified using the disabilities within the Student resource.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--This is received only by Choice schools when SchoolInfo is ChoiceSchool, sSEPA is submitted AND sPA is submitted with the following details: Programeducationorganizationid = 48856, ProgramTypeid = 49 (special educations), ProgramName = Special Education

  • How to Fix: You are likely receiving this error because your Choice school has attempted to submit a special education program association (sSEPA) for a student. Choice schools may not submit a sSEPA record, as special education data should come through from the public school providing the student’s special education services. Remove the program association to clear the error.

  • Example: Eddie’s record is displaying an error that he has an invalid program association. District Deb discovers Eddie is a child with disabilities attending a Choice school but receiving his special education services from the town’s public elementary school. Deb knows the special education data must be submitted by the public school providing services, not from the Choice school. She removes the invalid program association to clear the error.

Number: KBA-01236-Z9X0V1
Key Words: code 6616, program association, sSEPA, special education, Choice school
Modified: 10/27/2020