Warning 6473

  • Short Text: Actual or Possible Days of Attendance for student exceeds 366 across multiple schools of enrollment.   


  • Long Text: Days of Attendance may not exceed the number of days in the calendar year.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--This is total attendance summed across multiple districts or agencies.

    • Calculation--Total attendance (Actual days or Possible days) summed across multiple districts or agencies > 366 days. Note, include only records with Primary School.


  • How to Fix: Remove the previous incorrectly entered value for attendance, and then check to see the number of days the student attended, excluding any potential summer school. If the student attended another school at some point, verify correct entry and exit dates for enrollment at your school, ensuring the total attendance between schools and other districts does not exceed 366 total days, as that may indicate attendance spanning multiple calendar years and, therefore, multiple school years. Check for accidental overlapping of enrollments that may be driving up the total days of attendance, working with the other school/district to have the proper exit and enrollment dates and coordinating attendance. Update the attendance days for the current year to the correct number.


  • Example: Tami’s attendance record has been flagged with an error that she has over 366 days of enrollment between multiple schools reported. District Deb checks into the matter and sees Tami attended NY Times High School from September 2 through October 10 but then transferred to Chicago Tribune High School for the remainder of the school year. However, NY Times forgot to exit Tami and accidentally counted her as attending for the whole school year. Deb works with NY Times to exit Tami and correct the number of attendance days, so her total between both schools doesn’t exceed the total school days.

For more information about attendance, see the Attendance data element page at: https://dpi.wi.gov/wise/data-elements/attendance.

Number: KBA-01156-J9B6D8
Key Words: code 6473, attendance, 366 days, actual or possible days
Modified: 10/27/2020