Warning 6393

  • Short Text: Gender does not match the current value in WISEid.

  • Long Text: Gender submitted in this record is different than the current value in WISEid.  Review WISEid and contact other agencies associated with this student.  Correct the value in your local SIS and resubmit the record.   

  • Business Rule Impact (2018-19 school year and earlier):

    • Logic-- (1) Comparing Collections ODS to WISEid and resetting Collections value to WISEid value. (2) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term Dropout (FTD) records.

  • Business Rule Impact (2019-20 school year and later):

    • Throw on SEOA gender submitted on SEOA endpoint does not match with gender submitted in WISEId System.

  • How to Fix:

    • Verify the student’s gender with a reliable resource. Once you’ve verified the gender, check it against what is in your SIS as compared to WISEid. If the gender values do not match, enter the correct value in your SIS to upload into WISEid. If the genders do  match, it is likely the student is linked to another school/agency that has entered a different gender for the student.

    • If your school has the student’s current enrollment, your gender value should send out a Change Request to the other associated agency. If they denied the gender change, contact them to explain why they should update the gender. If the other district is the current enrollment holder, you may still see the error, but they would need to fix the gender value in their SIS. Contact the other school to update the student’s gender and then acknowledge the warning.

    • To see more information on gender, view the Gender data element page at http://dpi.wi.gov/wise/data-elements/gender

  • Example: District Deb notes a warning on Claude’s record that his gender doesn’t match the WISEid value. When she looks into the situation, she discovers that Claude’s former school has a female gender, but the current school has a male gender value. After more digging, Deb learns that Claude is a transgendered student who was born Claudia, a female, but now identifies as Claude, a male, at his new school. Deb contacts Claude’s former school who is still associated with his record to explain the situation and gender change. She informs them why they need to approve the Change Request for the gender change that they previously denied.
Number: KBA-01097-D1C7C6
Key Words: code 6393, gender, not match the current value, WISEid
Modified: 10/23/2019

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