Error 6476

  • Short Text: Invalid Actual Days of Attendance.

  • Long Text: Invalid Actual Days of Attendance. Actual Days of Attendance must be equal to or less than the Possible Days of Attendance.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--This rule is for each individual enrollment.

    • Calculation--Actual days of attendance > Possible days of attendance. Note, this will never throw if one or both the fields are NULL.


  • How to Fix: Remove the previous incorrectly entered value for attendance, and then check to see the number of days the student attended, excluding any potential summer school. If the student attended another school at some point, verify correct entry and exit dates for enrollment at your school, ensuring the total attendance between schools and other districts does not exceed the Possible Attendance days, as a student can’t be counted as present for a school day that did not occur. Check for accidental overlapping of enrollments that may be driving up the total days of attendance, working with the other school/district as necessary. Update the attendance days for the current year to the correct number.


  • Example: District Deb notes an attendance error on Ryan’s record that he has more actual days of attendance listed than the total possible days. Deb looks into it and sees that someone incorrectly entered a value of 230 days, likely counting Ryan’s days in summer school, though summer session days should not be submitted. Deb verifies the school days Ryan attended just in the current school year and modifies the number to 178 days to clear the error.

For more information about attendance, see the Attendance data element page at:
Number: KBA-01159-M7G9B7
Key Words: code 6476, attendance, actual days, possible days
Modified: 10/27/2020