Error 6801

Short Text: Gender is a required property in WISEdata.

Long Text: Gender is a required property in WISEdata.

Business Rule Logic: If /student sex Type is null throw error

How to Fix: This error throws when a student's record is missing a value for Gender. Because gender is pulled from WISEdata at the time of a snapshot, a value is required. At this time, gender is entered as either Male or Female only. Verify the student's gender. To clear the error, enter an appropriate Gender field value for the student in your SIS and push it to WISEdata.  

Example: Dara's record is throwing an error that she's missing a required Gender value. District Deb knows WISEdata requires a value for Gender, so she checks into the matter. Deb sees a value in WISEid but not in the SIS. Deb verifies Dara is a female and enters that into her SIS to push to WISEdata. 

For more information, see the Gender data element page:
Number: KBA-01504-G5M4P0
Key Words: 6801, gender, required, sex type
Modified: 11/08/2018

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