Error 6650

  • Short Text: Educational Environment Setting is expected to be 'Correctional Facility', S.


  • Long Text: The student is submitted in a school within the Department of Corrections and is age 6 to 21; the Educational Environment Setting must be 'Correctional Facility', S.


  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--SSEPA is DOC. Age of the student on SSEPA (DOB and begindate ) is between 6-21. Ed environment on SSEPA is anything other than 'S'.

    • Logic--Do not throw this error when Ed Env is NULL.

  • How to Fix: Verify the student is between the ages of 6-21 and check whether or not the student attends a school in the Department of Corrections (DOC). If the student meets both of these criteria, remove the incorrect educational environment and replace the Educational Environment Setting with the code of S for Correctional Facility. If the student is not attending a DOC school, modify the school enrollment information and view the other educational environments for the appropriate code.


  • Example: Eric’s record displays an error that he has an unexpected Educational Environment code. District Deb digs into the matter and finds that Eric is a fifteen year old attending a DOC school. She verifies the environment codes for that situation, removes the incorrect code, and enters the correct code of S, Correctional Facility, to clear the error.


Number: KBA-01182-V0P1D6
Key Words: code 6650, educational environment, DOC, correctional facility, age 6-21
Modified: 09/14/2017

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