Error 6663

  • Short Text: Required field is missing, 'Behavior'.

  • Long Text: Required field is missing, 'Behavior'.  A 'Behavior', the type of incident, is required for all individual Discipline records.  

  • Business Rules:

  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s involvement in the incident to check what behavior the student exhibited, consulting incident documentation as needed. Enter the student’s behavior information, such as handgun or drug-related, to clear the error.

  • Example: Kenny’s record is throwing an error that it’s missing a Behavior field value. District Deb discovers that Kenny was caught selling drugs in the school parking lot and is the main perpetrator in this incident. Deb enters Drug-related in the Behavior field to clear the error.

Number: KBA-01246-J6W4D9
Key Words: code 6663, behavior, discipline, incident type
Modified: 10/27/2020

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