Error 6686

  • Short Text: Invalid 'Actual Discipline Action Length'.

  • Long Text: Invalid 'Actual Discipline Action Length'. 'Actual Discipline Action Length' is the total number of days removed for an expulsion which spans multiple school years. For expulsions, 'Actual Discipline Action Length' must be equal to or greater than 'Action Length'. For suspensions and IAES removals, 'Actual Discipline Action Length' is not required.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Throw if Disciplines (Descriptor on DisciplineActions endpoint) = Expulsions or Expulsions with services AND ActualDisciplineActionLength< DisciplineActionLength

  • How to Fix: Check the discipline action the student received after the incident to ensure it was expulsion, as Actual Discipline Action Length is not required for suspensions and IAES removals. If the student was expelled, then consult incident and expulsion hearing reports as needed to determine the Action Length. The Actual Discipline Action Length must be at least the same number of days as the length. Remove the invalid number and then enter the accurate number of days removed for Actual Discipline Action Length, ensuring it equals or is more than the Action Length value.

  • Example: Clay’s record displays an error that he has an invalid Actual Discipline Action Length. District Deb looks into it and sees that Clay was expelled for a reported length of 80 days. However, his currently entered actual length says 75 days. Deb knows the actual length must be at least equal to the action length, so she verifies the length in his expulsion hearing documentation and sees both fields should say 80 days. Deb removes the invalid value and then enters a value of 80 days.

Number: KBA-01257-J9J1Y5
Key Words: code 6686, discipline, action length, actual discipline action length, expulsion
Modified: 09/08/2017

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