Error 6683

  • Short Text: Required field is missing, 'Early Reinstatement Conditions'.

  • Long Text: Required field is missing, 'Early Reinstatement Conditions'. 'Early Reinstatement Conditions' is required when discipline is Expulsion or Expulsion with Services.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--EarlyReinstatementCondition (Discipline Action) = NULL AND Discipline (descriptor on Discipline Action) = Expulsion Or Expulsion with services

  • How to Fix: First check the type of discipline action the student received to see if it was a type of expulsion or a different action, such as a suspension. If the action is an expulsion, either with or without services, verify whether or not the student has been allowed any early reinstatement conditions. All expulsions should have a value for Early Reinstatement Conditions. If the student did get expelled, enter a value in the Early Reinstatement Conditions field to clear the error.

  • Example: Xander’s record is showing an error that it’s missing the Early Reinstatement Conditions field. District Deb looks into it and sees that Xander was expelled from Ponyville High School. His expulsion hearing documentation shows he has the potential for early reinstatement. Deb enters the Early Reinstatement Conditions value to clear the error.

For more information, see the Early Reinstatement Conditions data element page:
Number: KBA-01254-M4B3K8
Key Words: code 6683, early reinstatement conditions, expulsion, discipline action, Discipline
Modified: 10/27/2020