Warning 6692

  • Short Text:  The 'Early Reinstatement Conditions' should not be provided for suspensions and IAES disciplines.

  • Long Text: The 'Early Reinstatement Conditions' should not be provided for suspensions and IAES disciplines. 'Early Reinstatement Conditions' is expected only for the disciplines Expulsion or Expulsion with Services. 'Early Reinstatement Conditions' should be deleted.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--Only send to DW for the 2 expulsion discipline types. EarlyReinstatementCondition (DisciplineAction) is NOT NULL AND Discipline (descriptor on DisciplineAction ) = in-school suspension or Out of school suspension or IAES Removal by Hearing officer or IAES Removal by School Personnel

  • How to Fix: First check the type of discipline action the student received to see if it was a type of expulsion or a different discipline action, such as a suspension. If the action is an expulsion, either with or without services, verify whether or not the student has been allowed any early reinstatement conditions. Only expulsions can have early reinstatement conditions, so if you find that the action was a suspension or IAES removal, remove the value for Early Reinstatement Conditions.

  • Example: District Deb sees a warning on Helene’s record that Early Reinstatement Conditions shouldn’t be submitted. Deb digs into the issue and finds that Helene received an out-of-school suspension for five days, though someone mistakenly entered that if she took on community service, she could have earler reinstatement. Deb knows only expulsions can have a possibility of reinstatement, so she clears out the Early Reinstatement Conditions value and then acknowledges the warning.

For more information, see the Early Reinstatement Conditions data element page: https://dpi.wi.gov/wise/data-elements/earlyreinstatement
Number: KBA-01282-F9M2M0
Key Words: code 6692, early reinstatement conditions, suspension, IAES removal, expulsion, discipline, discipline action
Modified: 10/27/2020