Error 6665

  • Short Text:  Invalid 'Discipline Date' for expulsion.

  • Long Text: Invalid 'Discipline Date' for expulsion. 'Discipline Date' must be equal to or greater than Incident Date and must occur within the same school year as the Incident Date or prior to 9/14 of the subsequent school year. When the expulsion begins at the start of the next school year, the discipline date is expected to be the first day of school. To ensure that this date is prior to the third Friday of September, the discipline date must be on or before 9/14 of the subsequent school year.

  • Business Rules:

    • Calculation--(Discipline Actions endpoint) Disciplines descriptor is 'Expulsion' or 'Expulsion with services' (both the expulsions) AND (Discipline Date(DisciplineActions endpoint) < Incident Date (DisciplineIncidents endpoint) OR Discipline Date does not occur in the same school year as Incident date) (discipline date should be >= 7/1/2016 and less than or equal to 9/14/2017. Do not need to look at the district start and end date)

  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s discipline action and discipline date that were determined after the incident. For expulsions, the discipline date should occur in the same school year as the incident date or before September 14 of the next school year. If the expulsion will occur next school year, use a Discipline Date of the first day of school. To clear the error, remove the invalid value in the Discipline Date field and then enter the correct date, ensuring it matches the discipline date’s year or is prior to 9/14 of next school year.

  • Example: Bryan’s record displays an error that he has an invalid discipline date. District Deb looks into the situation and finds that Bryan was caught trying to attack a student with a knife at school and was consequently expelled. When Deb checks on the date, she sees that the incident took place on the last day of school before summer break and that the expulsion will start at the beginning of next school year. Deb knows if the expulsion starts next year, the action should begin on the first day of school. She removes the invalid Discipline Date and enters 9/5, the first day of the next school year (and prior to the 14th).

Number: KBA-01248-Z1G7X2
Key Words: code 6665, discipline date, expulsion, incident date
Modified: 10/27/2020