Error 6633

  • Short Text:  Invalid 'Grade Level Placement" Grade provided is outside the low – high range for the accountable school.

  • Long Text: Invalid 'Grade Level Placement" Grade provided is outside the low – high range for the accountable school. Grade Level Placement must be within the low – high range of the school identified as accountable. The accountable district, which may be in a district other than your own, may contact the DPI to request modification of the low – high range.

  • Business Rules Logic--Throw when the grade on the student SSA does not match with the Grade Range of the Accountable school on the SSA. It should run for all SSAs.Thrown to the submitting school of sSEPA. Throw this when Accountable school ID is not the same as the SSA school ID.

  • This rule uses the enrolled school in its logic, except if the FAPE Accountable school or district is set. Then the logic looks at that agency's/school's valid grade range as reported to DPI. 

  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s correct grade level, checking with teachers and staff, as necessary. After making sure you have selected a school that is actually accountable for the student’s services, double check that the student’s grade level is one available at the particular accountable school. Work with the accountable school/district as needed. Remove the invalid grade level value and enter an appropriate grade level to reflect the student’s status at the accountable school.

  • For a PK or K4 student, when a FAPE-Accountable School is set in the student's special education program association (sSEPA) record and the school pointed to in the accountable school logic does not have K4 or PK in the valid grade range, the likely resolution is to remove the FAPE-Accountable School from the sSEPA, as the enrolled school is most likely the accountable school in this case. The identified FAPE-Accountable School may be supporting the writing of the IEP or evaluations only.

  • Example: Horatio’s record is throwing an error that he has an invalid grade level for his accountable school. District Deb looks into the matter and finds that Horatio is in sixth grade, but his accountable school only has seventh through ninth grades as available for grade placement. Deb contact the accountable school district to discuss the problem. The accountable school then contacts DPI to expand their grade range to include sixth grade to accommodate younger students like Horatio attending. Once the grade range is modified, the error should clear for Horatio’s accountable school grade level.

Number: KBA-01269-H2D5J7
Key Words: code 6633, grade level placement, accountable school, low high range, accountable district
Modified: 10/27/2020