Warning 6698

  • Short Text: Student with disabilities reported as not receiving services during expulsion

  • Long Text: Student with disabilities reported as not receiving services during expulsion. Students covered by an IEP should be offered services during an expulsion. 'Expulsion with Services' should be reported for a student offered educational services, even if the services are refused.

  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--Where action is Expulsion w/o services. Reliant on effective dates implementation. Use disciplineAction disciplineActionDate to find applicable SSEPA (based on effective dates)

  • How to Fix: Check to see if the student in question has a reported disability and has an active IEP for special education services. Then verify whether or not the student received an expulsion. If the student was expelled and has an active IEP, then the student should still be able to receive services during the expulsion. Even if the student refuses services, he or she should be counted as offered services and submitted to WISEdata as a discipline action of Expulsion with Services. Update the student’s discipline records to reflect Expulsion with Services and then acknowledge the warning. If after reviewing the documentation, the student does not have an active IEP for services and does not require services during the expulsion, simply acknowledge the warning.

  • Example: District Deb notes a warning on Nora’s record that she was expelled without services, even though she has a disability. Deb verifies the disability and IEP by looking at the most current and active IEP and finds that Nora has Autism and is covered for special education services by her IEP. Deb sees that Nora was indeed expelled but was currently listed as expelled without services. Deb knows if Nora still has an active IEP for her disability, she should have a submitted discipline value of Expulsion with Services. Deb modifies this value and then acknowledges the warning.

Number: KBA-01291-J9V8L8
Key Words: code 6698, disabilities, expulsion, expelled with services, IEP
Modified: 09/13/2017

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