Error 6761

Short Text: Homeless program association record overlap exists within the same school.

Long Text: Homeless program association record overlap exists within the same school. Multiple Homeless program associations exist for this student in the same school, and the End Date of one Homeless program association is on or after the Begin Date of another. If the End Date has not been sent, the End Date is treated as being June 30 and that record will overlap with any other record that exists in the same school. Set an End Date that is at least one day before the subsequent record’s Begin Date.

Business Logic: Throw the error when SHPA has multiple programs for program type = Homeless AND School ID is same AND Program dates overlap AND School year = CURRENT DPI school year Example : PA 1 : 7/01/2017- 09/30/2017 , 06/01/2017- 09/29/2017 PA : 207/01/2017- 09/30/2017, 09/29/2017, 10/01/2017 PA : 3 07/01/2017- NULL , 08/01/2017- NULL

How to Fix: This error displays when you have one school that has submitted homeless program associations for the same enrollment time period. First verify the homeless program record dates in question. Program associations may not overlap, so an appropriate begin and end date must be established to avoid record overlap. Once you've verified the dates for the homeless program associations, modify (or enter, if an end date was previously left blank) the dates to valid values such that there is no overlap of time. 

Example: District Deb receives an error that the submitted homeless program association for Henry overlaps another homeless program for his enrollment period at Evergreen Elementary. Deb looks into the matter and finds that no end date was entered for a previous homeless association record even though a new one started June 15. Because these are both at Evergreen during the same enrollment period, Deb knows the records can't overlap. Once she verifies when the first record should have ended, she submits an end date of June 14, valid because it does not overlap with the new homeless record begin date of June 15.

For more info, see the Student Homeless Program Association Begin & End Dates data element page:

See the Programs data element page:
Number: KBA-01398-X7B0H5
Key Words: code 6761, homeless, homeless program association, record overlap
Modified: 06/18/2018

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