Error 6472

  • Short Text: Invalid Actual or Possible Days of Attendance  


  • Long Text: Actual or Possible Days of Attendance exceeds 366 days. Days of Attendance may not exceed the number of days in the calendar year.  


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--This is total attendance in a single district or agency.

    • Calculation--Total attendance (Actual days or Possible days) in a single district (summing the student enrollment (if multiple enrollments exists) in that school in the calendar year > 366


  • How to Fix: Remove the previous incorrectly entered value for attendance, and then check to see the number of days the student attended, excluding any potential summer school. If the student attended another school at some point, verify correct entry and exit dates for enrollment at your school, ensuring the total attendance between schools does not exceed 366 total days, as that may indicate attendance spanning multiple calendar years and, therefore, multiple school years. Update the attendance days to the correct number.


  • Example: District Deb receives an error on for Reese’s attendance record, and when she looks it up, she sees Reese has a total of 415 days of attendance. Deb knows a student can’t have more than the number of school days in the year, let alone more days than in a calendar year. She figures out that Reese’s prior year enrollment and attendance had never been ended with exit information and a new enrollment with new attendance started for the current school year. She removes the 415 days value and, after verifying Reese’s correct attendance for the current school year only, she inserts 176 days of attendance to clear the error.

For more information about attendance, see the Attendance data element page at:

Number: KBA-01155-C1L4L3
Key Words: attendance, actual or possible days, 366 days, invalid attendance, validation code 6472, 6472
Modified: 10/27/2020