Error 6630

  • Short Text:  District of Residence is invalid for year.


  • Long Text: District of Residence is invalid for year. Though District of Residence is a valid district, this district is not open for this school year. Review and correct the District of Residence.

  • Business Rules:


  • How to Fix: Remove the incorrect Resident District value, as that district is closed for the current school year. Check into the student’s situation to find out the correct and open Resident District to use and then enter that value to clear the error.


  • Example: District Deb receives an error on Trevor’s record that the Resident District is invalid. She looks into the matter and finds the current district reported is not open for this school year, so she removes that invalid value. She contacts the school and Trevor’s family to figure out which resident district to report and then enters the appropriate value in the Resident District field.


  • For more information, see the Resident District data element page at:

Number: KBA-01180-V7D8F1
Key Words: code 6630, resident district, invalid district, closed district
Modified: 06/14/2017

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