Warning 6412

  • Short Text: Race codes or Ethnicity does not match the current value in WISEid.

  • Long Text: Race codes or Ethnicity does not match the current value in WISEid. The values are similar and will be aggregated under the same reporting category.  No action is necessary, but we suggest that you review WISEid and contact other agencies associated with this student.

  • Business Rules:

  • How to Fix: Verify the student’s race and ethnicity, checking with the student and/or student’s family, as needed. Check that the race and ethnicity values in WISEid are the same values in your local SIS and in WISEdata (having been pushed from your SIS). If they’re not, it’s possible another school associated with the student modified the values. Work with the other school to make sure the accurate information is entered in all locations. Then acknowledge the warning.

  • Example: District Deb spots a warning that Chandra’s race code doesn’t match the value in WISEid. Deb verifies with Chandra and Chandra's mom that she is African American, which is listed in the SIS but not in WISEid. Deb learns that Chandra transferred recently, and the new district entered her race as Two or More Races in WISEid, causing a mismatch. Deb works with the other district to update all records to African American and then acknowledges the warning.

Number: KBA-01271-S0X4M4
Key Words: code 6412, race, ethnicity, WISEid, current value
Modified: 10/27/2020

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