Warning 6666

  • Short Text: Significant change in attendance.


  • Long Text: Significant change in attendance. Total possible days of attendance for your district has changed by +/- 10% from the previous data collection and attendance rate has changed by +/- 5% from the previous data collection. Refer to the Attendance metrics for a summary of attendance by year. Attendance rate is total actual days/total possible days.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--This is only for Choice for 2016-17 because it requires multiple year data, but for 2017-18, it should work for both Choice and public schools. Implement in Year two. Do not include any exclusion conditions for PPP, DOC, DHS.

    • Calculation--This should throw when Total Possible days of attendance for the district is +/- 10% from the previous data collection AND Attendance Rate (Actual days of attendance/Possible days of attendance) is +/ - 5% from the previous data collection. (Note - Refer to attendance metric for a summary of attendance by year.)


  • How to Fix: Review the attendance metrics in the WISEdata Portal. You may want to download the metrics for both school years and then compare the data for the two years against each other. If you find the significant change is incorrect, look for students for whom you may have missed reporting attendance or students you accidentally counted but who should’ve been submitted by a different school, depending on if your numbers are high or low. Correct the numbers, as needed. If upon comparison, you find the current attendance data is accurate, simply acknowledge the warning.


  • Example: District Deb sees a warning in WISEdata that her school’s attendance values altered significantly from last school year, rising by eight percent. She downloads the attendance metrics from the WISEdata Portal for the current school year and last year to compare the numbers. She finds that her numbers match her enrollments, which also went up this year, so there is no data to change. She acknowledges the warning.

For more information about attendance, please see the Attendance data element page at: https://dpi.wi.gov/wise/data-elements/attendance.

Number: KBA-01160-T1P2R5
Key Words: code 6666, attendance, significant change, percent, 5%, 10%
Modified: 10/27/2020