Error 6723

  • Short Text: Begin date on the special education record cannot precede the effective begin date of the corresponding enrollment.

  • Long Text: Special education record may only be considered valid within an active enrollment. The Effective Begin Date will be adjusted to align with the effective begin date of the corresponding enrollment.

  • Business Rules:

  • How to Fix: Verify the special education program (sSEPA) begin date, consulting IEP or other special education documentation as necessary. Also check the student’s enrollment period, paying close attention because Effective Date logic was implemented in this case to adjust the enrollment dates. See the link below on how Effective Date logic works. The Effective Begin Date was entered for the student’s program to prevent a mismatch of program and enrollment when the effective date split up the overlapping enrollments. For each new enrollment, a new sSEPA record must be created. Effective date logic created a new enrollment start, so then it also implemented a new sSEPA record Effective Begin Date. If the Begin Date inserted is not correct, modify it to the correct sSEPA Begin Date, noting it cannot be before the enrollment start date. Make any other sSEPA modifications, as needed.

  • Example: District Deb sees an error on Danielle’s record that the Begin Date on the special education record can’t precede the effective begin date for the enrollment. When Deb looks into the matter, she sees Danielle has an enrollment start date of 9/14 and an exit date of 10/30. Danielle’s sSEPA Begin date shows 9/1, but Deb knows that when a new enrollment starts, a new special education record start is also needed. Because the enrollment started 9/14, the sSEPA Effective Begin Date is now correctly entered as 9/14. She leaves it, but knows if it were incorrect, she’d modify it and checks the rest of the sSEPA information for accuracy.

Number: KBA-01310-Q1L5F9
Key Words: begin date, sSEPA, effective date, enrollment, special education
Modified: 10/27/2020