Error 6685

  • Short Text: Detailed Behavior Description required when incident involves a firearm, and the student doesn't receive an expulsion.

  • Long Text: Detailed description required when behavior involves a firearm (handgun, shotgun, rifle or other firearm) and the student didn't receive a discipline action of expulsion or expulsion with services.

  • Business Rule Logic--Throw if Behavior (StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociation end point) = Firearms (Handgun, Shotgun or Rifle, Other Firearm) and behaviorDetailDescription is null AND Discipline (DisciplineAction endpoint) NOT Expulsion OR Expulsion with services.


  • How to Fix: Check the behavior the student exhibited in the incident. If the behavior was related to a firearm, including a handgun, shotgun, rifle, or other firearm, then the student should be expelled according to federal law. However, if the school board makes a local decision to give a discipline action other than expulsion, the reason for this choice must be documented in the Behavior Detailed Description field. Add the appropriate information for Behavior Detailed Description to clear the error.

  • Example: Ian’s record is throwing an error that it’s missing the Behavior Detailed Description. District Deb sees that Ian had an incident where he brought a hunting rifle to school. When she looks into the incident, she learns that Ian had been out hunting over the past weekend and forgotten to take his rifle out of his truck on Monday when some other students spotted it and reported it. Because Ian only brought the weapon on accident and did not attempt to use it, the local school board decided to give him a suspension instead of expulsion. To clear the error, Deb adds this explanation of why Ian wasn’t expelled in the field for Behavior Detailed Description.

Number: KBA-01256-J6Y5S5
Key Words: code 6685, behavior, behavior detailed description, discipline, expulsion, firearm
Modified: 10/27/2020

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