Warning 6395

  • Short Text: Race/Ethnicity key does not match the current value in WISEid.

  • Long Text: Race/Ethnicity submitted in this record is associated with a different race key than the current value in WISEid. Review WISEid, and contact other agencies associated with this student. Correct the value in your local SIS and resubmit the record.

  • Business Rule

    Logic: Throw this warning to the current sSA. Race submitted on student endpoint does not match with the current value submitted in WISEid System.

  • How to Fix: First verify the student’s correct race and ethnicity. Modify your SIS records and the WISEid record, so every system/application reflects the appropriate value for the student's race and ethnicity values.

  • Example: District Deb receives a warning that Charles has a race/ethnicity value of African American in her SIS, but WISEid doesn't have the same value. After some investigating, she finds that Charles has a WISEid race of white/Caucasian. Charles's previous school entered white. Deb will verify with Charles with which race/ethnicity he identifies and update the SIS field and WISEid to reflect that value. Charles concurs that she has the right information of African American. To correct this, Deb enters the altered race/ethnicity in WISEid and makes sure the updated, accurate value is also in her SIS. Then she acknowledges the warning.

Number: KBA-01026-M0P5R1
Key Words: race, ethnicity, reporting category, code 6395
Modified: 10/27/2020

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